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To receive ‘Cheese’ codes free of charge and meet all the necessary requirements, complete the next steps:

Step 1

Open your web browser. It would be highly recommended to use Internet Explorer. Seek the app section that can be displayed on the dashboard. Afterwards, look through all the options to dig gaming gold.

Step 2

You will see the screen with various prices and a ‘No Thanks’ option. Pick the most preferable and click it. Thus, you’ll obtain your no-cost ‘Cheese’ codes.

Step 3

Wait until confirmation will be received and enjoy your free ‘Cheese’ code.

Spend your money on games not on codes

If you have been Xbox 360 user, but don’t have enough pocket-money to acquire an Xbox Live code, you can receive a hassle-free ‘Cheese’ code in a clap. Of course, it might not be enough, but it’s sure better than nothing.

No-cost ‘Cheese’ codes include:

1) P7KKF-J7732-T36RV-XVYYV-Q4J6W


3)-V67P2 6CM6X-GQTMB-77F2R-K2K7M

Xbox Live Gold trial

Aforementioned ‘Cheese’ codes are valid when activated. You can get one bonus – Xbox Live Gold trial – that will be sent to your email address.

If you want to activate your 48-hour no-cost golden trial, you should perform the steps below.

Note: If you already are an Xbox LIVE member, then go directly to step 3.

Step 1

Setup an internet connection with Xbox 360 TM. Click the button ‘Xbox(R) Guide’, then choose Xbox LIVE in the Xbox 360 personal account.

Step 2

Create your own Xbox LIVE account referring to the on-screen manual.

Step 3

Log in to Xbox LIVE through Xbox 360 personal account.

Step 4

Pick Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Then, choose Promotional Code or Redeem Prepaid Card, type your code, and enjoy!

Done? Excellent! Now you can easily benefit from access to different MMO. ‘Cheese’ trial is only available for latest Xbox Live Gold membership in the USA. It provides free use only on Xbox 360. When your two days of trial come to an end, your subscription will change to the no-cost Xbox Live Silver. Select to prolong your ‘Golden’ membership.