Xbox Live: A Very Easy Way to Free Gold Membership

It goes without saying, that millions of online gamers covet the access to a Gold Membership in Xbox Live.

Needless to say, that you are probably one of those raiders of a Gold membership. Why else would you be reading this article? Possibly you have the issue many other fellow Xbox fans face in every part of the world – wanting to become an Xbox Live Gold member, by lacking funds to do so. The benefits, features and content available to the registered users are within your reach but still unobtainable. Of course, this is not fair. And our work is dedicated to fixing that.

Stay alert – this is your chance to get your free membership without any problems or annoying formalities.

Create Your Own Xbox Gold New Account

Getting an Xbox One or any other Xbox console requires you to log in the Microsoft system. This opens you a way to obtain a free gold access to deluxe content within the Xbox Live system. Therefore, everything we offer is not a scam, but a way to make this access more available to gamers who cannot afford the benefits offered by the Xbox system.

Get Your Prepaid Gold Key

There are many ways to check out and enjoy the content offered by Xbox Live. The system offers exclusive prepaid codes that allow you to have some trial time in Xbox Gold in order to understand all its benefits and advantages.

Enjoy HBO, Netflix and Other Apps for free

Xbox has leveled up in 2014 by providing anyone with a gold membership with a free access to the following entertainment giants:

  • HBO;
  • Netflix;
  • ESPN;
  • Other Apps (more than 180).

Although this is an already mind-blowing offer, Xbox will not stop at that. Its gold subscribers can expect many other cool benefits in the coming years.

Latest Adjustments

The best things are yet to come – this is phrase accurately describes everything that happens to the gold membership. For instance, check out what Xbox One players get. Currently the benefits for elite Xbox Live gamers include:

  • Free access to OneDrive;
  • Free Skype use;
  • Free use of OneGuide.

Does it affect the income of Xbox? Only in the positive way. The system and its developer, Microsoft, still compete with Sony, Apple and Roku and are not going to back down anytime soon.

Mining Xbox Gold: Is it Hard?

Definitely not, when you find the right people. Our website recommends links that provide you with a quick and simple ways to dig up your own golden key. What will it give you? Exclusive content, new maps, skins and, naturally, an opportunity to download top games free of charge (Sniper Elite V2, It Draws A Red Box, Brother: Tale of Two Sons, etc.)

Sounds good? Then hurry up and join this network of gaming fun right now.

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