One of the most popular and widely used gaming consoles.

One of the gaming systems that got millions of gamers from every part of the world hooked. The worthy rival or Origin and Stream.

The ultimate supplier of high quality games from the most renowned video game developers and one of the trailblazers of the new gaming era. No wonder that so many gaming fans wish to enter the Xbox Live system developed by Microsoft in order to get as many benefits as possible.

Nevertheless, premium content of this gaming network remains unavailable for several gamers for certain reasons: finances, location, etc. Nevertheless, gamers always help fellow gamers – and this is what we do here.

Listen closely. You are guaranteed an opportunity to unlock the access to an amazing gaming experience via free codes to Xbox Live Gold.

Step 1.

Getting a generator that will create necessary codes is the first thing you should do. Finding it may be difficult – there are many websites on the web that prey on generator-seeking users by offering them to download a generator and flooding their PC with viruses and malware instead. Be careful.

Step 2.

After you found the authentic code-generating program, begin installing it. The entire process will be complete in 15-20 minutes, however, in some cases it may take an hour for a generator to get installed, so do not fret if that happens. It is normal and your patience will be rewarded in the end.

Step 3.

So, 15-20 minutes or one hour has passed and now the software is ready for work. Do not keep it waiting.

Step 4.

It is time for you decide, what kind of code you need. There are several types of codes, which vary depending on the type of your Xbox subscription.

  • Free 1 month trial;
  • Free 3 month experience;
  • Free 12 month gaming.

Whatever subscription code you pick, it is guaranteed to work. So, choose freely and do not worry about anything.

Step 5.

Did you make up your mind? Then click the “Redeem” button. In a moment your free key will be generated.

Step 6.

You new experience has begun. Play games, meet fellow players and enjoy yourself.

Is it legal?

Why wouldn’t it be legal? Xbox Live Gold free code generator does not use any hacking technologies – it was created to make the experience of playing Xbox

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how to get xbox live free games for the month of april

how to get xbox live free games for the month of april
 Hands down, Xbox Live is one of the most popular gaming networks in the world. And Microsoft rends to keep it that way by offering exclusive deals to the Xbox registered users every month. For instance, each month the users have the opportunity to download and play numerous games for free. Therefore, the Xbox Live gamers get a chance to discover unique, clever and original games within 30 days. Many people would agree that this is a generous offer, which allowed Xbox to remain a worthy rival of such popular systems as Stream and Origin.
And our aim is to make it more accessible to all faithful Xbox Live gamers.

Here you can unlock the opportunity to download the exclusive games Xbox had to offer for April. These creations of the most talented video game developers will not leave any game addict indifferent. The wide range of genres and types will satisfy all preferences. For instance, many gamers who used our system were able to download and play the following Xbox Gold April games absolutely free of charge:

  • Child of Light;
  • Gears of War: Judgment;
  • Assassin’s Creed;
  • The Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel;
  • Terraria;
  • Pool Nation FX.

If you watch closely every E3 Conference, you probably already know which games you are dying to play and will be glad to download for free this April. Stick with us and we will make it possible. Our lists of free Xbox Live trial websites are regularly updated and remain relevant throughout the entire year. The lucky games have already tried the benefits of our service, by downloading top games like Bioshock and Tomb Raider when they were free in March. Do not hesitate and see what April has in store for you. At you have the opportunity to download and play the best gaming hits without wasting your funds. This is not a hack – just an opportunity, offered by the Microsoft company. We just make it available to a wider range of users.

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Ways on how to get xbox live free codes from the web

Free Xbox Live Codes

The leading gaming device, Xbox features excellent graphical solution and attention-grabbing game titles that surely intrigue millions of game fans all over the world. However, the Xbox phenomenon has known better days. Multiple gamers became a little tired of using expensive codes, despite all their advantages and benefits. In all the years, Xbox has transformed along with contemporary gaming experience. From free codes that provide users with only one kind of gaming to Xbox Live codes with special scripts and algorithm that can easily ‘catch’ all gold codes on the Web thanks to high-power servers.
Nowadays you are apt to use these codes and points as free-of-charge way to play your favorite games with friends.

How to harvest?
Wonder how to get no-cost Xbox Live codes (hereinafter – ‘Cheese’ codes)? First, you should forget all the fake generators and apps. Now you have legit Xbox Live codes generators as well as free ‘Cheese’ codes at your fingertips on a daily basis. Codes you receive are entirely unique and valid. Several ways of harvesting free ‘Cheese’ codes include the following:Through the web
A usual ‘Cheese’ code generator spots various places on the Web where Microsoft provides the public with released giveaways. These Web code generators collect algorithms. Thus, they receive the latest working codes and automatically add them up to the database. As the result, all the harvested codes are now ready to be used in multiplayer games. A ‘Cheese’ code generator produces new free codes using unique algorithm and powerful server. It generates no-cost ‘Cheese’ codes that are operating through hash tables.
Manual Giveaways
You can easily harvest working ‘Cheese’ codes directly from the page ‘Contact Us’ of legitimate Xbox Live code generator as well as from different Xbox forums where ‘Cheese’ codes are immediately available and absolutely free to use.

Xbox Live benefits
Whether you’re a hardcore gamer who prefer to enjoy luxury of high-quality Xbox multiplayer games around the clock or just a casual game fan whose time for online games is restricted by external circumstances, you’ll have the best game experience ever with your special and no-cost Xbox Live. Furthermore, you’ll get access to a wide variety of entertainment apps using Internet Explorer browser or Skype. Make sure, you can easily benefit from the cutting-edge and entirely redesigned gaming solution.
Feel free to play your favorite multiplayer games with friends and like-minded fellows. Moreover, you can …

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How to process xbox live redeem code free of any hassle

Microsoft Xbox Live Codes

If you adore online multiplayer gaming, then you’ll just love playing Xbox games over and over again. Do you want to get Xbox Live Codes without spending your hard-earned money? Sure, you do! Take a chance to receive Xbox Live Gold code at a zero price for your favorite game bundles. Just read three interesting hints and tips regarding Xbox Live code below.

  1. Gaming enthusiasts consider Xbox Live membership as an amazing invention, a kind of helper or teammate in the most difficult mission games. You can easily play online with colleagues, friends, or acquaintances around the globe. Furthermore, you’ll get access to a full variety of game bundles, music and movies. Do you want to download your favorite game? No problem. Xbox Live offers a lot of exciting and useful options.
  2. However, free access is the exception rather than the rule. Xbox Live redeem code must be processed without any charge. To enjoy all the possibilities of significant experience with Xbox Live redeem code, you should search through a series of different codes.
  3. Compared to other services regarding multiplayer games, the process of getting a free Xbox Live redeem code typing 25 alphanumeric keys seems not troublesome at all.

Follow the steps below to receive your unique Xbox Live Redeem Code

Step 1
Seek you code on the official receipt or card and start Xbox 360. Then sign in to your Xbox Live personal account;
Step 2
On the main screen, you’ll see Xbox 360 controller. Place the Guide button on it;
Step 3
Shift the D-pad or left thumb stick to the Marketplace tab, then select Redeem Code;
Step 4
Input the 25 alphanumeric code in the pop-up screen to get manual access to the Xbox Live redeem code;
Step 5
Make sure that your code is 100% correct. Check it twice. If there’s nothing wrong with it, click on the button Start to go on;
Step 6
To approve your Xbox Live code, select the Redeem Now from the popup redemption screen;
Step 7
Press the Continue button to start the download. Select Okay to continue, if you want to add subscription time or points to your personal account.
Step 8
Receive confirmation and enjoy your no-cost Xbox Live.

Microsoft Xbox Live Codes

Whether you choose to buy various game tools and applications or your favorite music and movies using your Xbox Live codes, you’ll find out …

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So, how to dig Xbox Gold?

So, how to dig Xbox Gold

Get free Xbox Live Gold

Isn’t that an every gamer’s dream? Of course, it is nigh impossible to level up from a common gamer to an Xbox Live Gold user without getting a 12-month subscription for $59.99. We understand that sometimes this is not fair, because there are gamers who desperately want to try good games, but cannot afford them. We respect their budgetary situation – this is why we ready to offer them plan B for their convenience. The plan involves making Xbox gaming experience completely free.

Wait, didn’t we say it was impossible?

Well, exits to overcome the impossible challenges.

So, how to dig Xbox Gold?

Step 1.

Activate your PC or laptop. Find a website that offers you to download an Xbox Live Gold Generator.

Step 2.

Get it by clicking the Download button to begin the installation.

Step 3.

Is installation complete? Activate the generator by clicking the “Generate” button.

Step 4.

Your personal code will appear in the special field in the generator menu.

Step 5.

Copy the code. It is yours now and you did not have to pay anything. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Step 6.

Now it is time to redeem the free exclusive code you generated. Open a new Internet browser – this is very important. Go to

Step 7.

Locate a “Redeem Code” option in one of the Xbox Gold menu tabs. Click it.

Step 8.

Paste or type in your personal code. Do not forget to log into the Microsoft system if you want to keep up your gold-digging.

Step 9.

The code is entered? Good.  Click the “Confirm” button. If you see the message pop up on your desktop, we congratulate you. You have successfully completed the level.

Step 10.

Have fun unwrapping the benefits of your golden gaming sessions.

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A very easy way to get xbox gold membership free

A very easy way to get xbox gold membership free

Xbox Live: A Very Easy Way to Free Gold Membership

It goes without saying, that millions of online gamers covet the access to a Gold Membership in Xbox Live.

Needless to say, that you are probably one of those raiders of a Gold membership. Why else would you be reading this article? Possibly you have the issue many other fellow Xbox fans face in every part of the world – wanting to become an Xbox Live Gold member, by lacking funds to do so. The benefits, features and content available to the registered users are within your reach but still unobtainable. Of course, this is not fair. And our work is dedicated to fixing that.

Stay alert – this is your chance to get your free membership without any problems or annoying formalities.

Create Your Own Xbox Gold New Account

Getting an Xbox One or any other Xbox console requires you to log in the Microsoft system. This opens you a way to obtain a free gold access to deluxe content within the Xbox Live system. Therefore, everything we offer is not a scam, but a way to make this access more available to gamers who cannot afford the benefits offered by the Xbox system.

Get Your Prepaid Gold Key

There are many ways to check out and enjoy the content offered by Xbox Live. The system offers exclusive prepaid codes that allow you to have some trial time in Xbox Gold in order to understand all its benefits and advantages.

Enjoy HBO, Netflix and Other Apps for free

Xbox has leveled up in 2014 by providing anyone with a gold membership with a free access to the following entertainment giants:

  • HBO;
  • Netflix;
  • ESPN;
  • Other Apps (more than 180).

Although this is an already mind-blowing offer, Xbox will not stop at that. Its gold subscribers can expect many other cool benefits in the coming years.

Latest Adjustments

The best things are yet to come – this is phrase accurately describes everything that happens to the gold membership. For instance, check out what Xbox One players get. Currently the benefits for elite Xbox Live gamers include:

  • Free access to OneDrive;
  • Free Skype use;
  • Free use of OneGuide.

Does it affect the income of Xbox? Only in the positive way. The system and its developer, Microsoft, still compete with Sony, Apple and Roku and are not going to back down anytime soon.…

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Rolling out of free month of xbox live

Rolling out of free month of xbox live

Getting access to entertainment network is not always easy – sometimes the network does not take your region into account and sometimes the service is overpriced and you just do not have the funds to join it. Moreover, in some cases you pay and get lags and constant errors in return.  However, we at have got your back. Your entertainment should not be restricted by prices.
Xbox Live Gold – is your way to the quality content, supported by the mighty pillars of 300,000 servers that perform at their best.  No lags, no cheating, only hours of Xbox fun.

Do not miss your chance to seize the joy of multiplayer gaming. Explore all perks of the game you are interested in and decide whether you should officially buy it within a month of playing in Xbox Live.
Our website offers you the loopholes for enjoying a free of charge month of fun in the Xbox Live network by introducing you to a list of special Xbox Live websites. Grab your free month pass – it takes you only several clicks to join the world of Xbox Live months.

  • Pick any of the websites;
  • Get an account;
  • Click Subscriptions;
  • Find the “Get Gold” icon;
  • Click!

There you go! The “Free 1 Month Trial” option will be the first in the list of the Xbox Live gaming options. Now all you have to do is to click it – further you will get all necessary instructions that will lead you to your new Xbox Live experience.
You, probably, have a question: isn’t that cheating?
Nope. Especially, not when Microsoft itself started offering the free month of gaming in Xbox Live to everyone who use Xbox Gold.
What a free month can give you?
Fun! Also, it gives you time to decide, which game you definitely want to buy and which you would rather not spend your money on. Plus, a free month is your 30-days-opportunity to quickly download all free games available through Xbox Live without any unwanted expenses. Even when your free trial runs out, you will have a plenty of new, neat games to enjoy. This is what we call a win-win situation.

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